Introductions are in order!

Hey there, fans of Tale of Kingdoms! My name is Hillary, and I'm the author of this wiki. It's more than just a wiki, though, it's kind of a Tale of Kingdoms blog, which is why the pages are protected from anonymous edits. While unprotected, I'd say 95% of the edits were spam or vandalism, and I want to have a safe place to share my writings on ToK and to inform you, the players! It's okay to leave comments below, but please limit it to legitimate questions or comments about relevant topics. (I'm talking to you "I like cheese" guy!)

Who am I?

I'm a 21 year old who loves writing, most often delves into the realms of creative writing, and I have always had a passion for it. I've also been actively involved in performance art since high school, and there's nothing I'd rather do. Currently, I'm unemployed, but that was a choice. I've been keeping up with the house while my husband works, and taking care of our two young kitties.

For the moment, I'm living in Hawaii, where my husband works. We'll be moving back to the mainland shortly, and I'll be returning to my first love, the great state of Texas. I can literally hear you moaning now.

I'm extremely fond of PC games, and both my husband and I have hundreds of games on Steam between the two of us. I stumbled upon Minecraft earlier this year, and I've been addicted ever since. The vanilla game got a bit old within a few months, and I began using inventory editors to allow me to build whimsical creations and really allow my imagination to have free roam over the blocky world. It's been a wonderful ride.

Then Tale of Kingdoms came along, and I absolute loved it. My husband had been complaining about Minecraft updates being useless and generally being bored with the game, and then I showed him this mod. If it weren't for Battlefield 3 just coming out, I'm sure he'd be playing ToK right now!

Why do I write?

I write because I love it. I'm personally a very horrible public speaker, and even when talking to family and friends, my sentences trail off or seem jumbled. The only time I feel like I'm really able to communicate is when I'm writing.

This Tale of Kingdoms wiki means a lot to me. I learned the ins and outs of this mod almost immediately upon downloading it; I read many, many, many pages of the forum thread, and watched several videos. I have a very keen understanding of how the game works, I'm currently in contact with TyberAlyx every couple days about the mod, and I absolutely love it all.

I wasn't entirely pleased with the wiki TyberAlyx first linked to, mostly because I felt it was about as informative as the OP in the thread, which is what we have OPs for. I felt ToK needed a far more in-depth look, and it needed someone who could actually make the wiki enjoyable. And I feel I've done that.

My work is never done, though, as TyberAlyx has planned to release another update, including tier 3 and the Reficule, for next week or so. With each update, there will be more to do, and more to write about. So long as I have the time (which it seems for the next several months, I will) I'll continue to bring comprehensive explanations and wonderful stories to this wiki.

Thank you for reading!