Archers are the knowledgeable protectors of your own kingdom who are acquainted with propelling arrows and perform archery. They can slay hostile mobs from a distance once you select their designated spot, much like the knights. Both the knights and the archers can be employed by interacting with the warden. Dissimilar to the knights, archers can level up much more rapidly because of their advantage of being ranged. Similar to the knights, their skins will change as they advance and level up. Archers have blue eyes and are equipped with the standard Minecraft bow and arrow. Archers sport hoods and scarves and wears dark robes. They hold their bow and arrow in there right hand, which bears similarities to a modern recurve bow.


They are Level 1 and they possess a standard brown Minecraft bow. They wear black, brown and grey all over. They have blue eyes and dark brown eyebrows. They can shoot 1.3 times as fast as a normal player on Minecraft.


Bandits are Level 2 and they possess a standard brown Minecraft bow as well. They wear mostly grey instead of mostly black and brown. They have an orange neck-area, an orange sash from their right shoulder and orange shoes.