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The Banker, is, obviously, an NPC that can store your gold for you. This little creature that stays off the beaten track wears brown-and-white clothing, with glasses on his forehead. As always, we'll provide a picture of him:


A lot of people will ask this question if they see this page, so here's to avoid any time-wasting: The Banker is in a small den below the hill in the Guild. Which hill? The hill to right of the farmer, if you are facing his shop. To make it clearer, as you come into the Guild and go past the well, you will bang into the farmer's shop if you're not careful. Stop 1.5 seconds before you hit it (about two blocks) and go right. Stay facing the same direction. Jump up a step, and you should be right in front of the guy in the picture, unless you walked straight into the hill. If you did, just back up to the wall and go right. Go in front and jump. Go right about two blocks and you'll be at the same spot! In other words, the banker's room is in the hill to the right of the farmer, if you're facing the farmer.


  • If you right-click on him, a GUI will open with several buttons. There are two columns and six rows, twelve in all. At the top there are sentences with the words: Bank Menu - Total Money You Have - _____ Gold Coins - Total Money in the Bank - _____ Gold Coins
    • The first column, top to bottom, seperated by semi-colons: Deposit 1.; Deposit 10.; Deposit 100.; Deposit 1000.; Deposit 10000.; Deposit All.
    • The second column, top to bottom, separated by semi-colons: Withdraw 1.; Withdraw 10.; Withdraw 100.; Withdraw 1000.; Withdraw 10000.; Withdraw All.
      • Those should be pretty straightforward.