Hostile Mob Incoming!

By now, I'm sure you have nestled yourself away behind your kingdom walls, adding shops and houses to your lands and enlisting the help of Knights and Archers to fight the bands of hostile mobs that roam the world at night. In the coming update, you're going to need all the help you can get. They're coming.

NOTE: This information may be old news! With each beta I play, things get shifted and changed. Use this page, in its current state, to arm yourself with general knowledge, instead of using it as a precise guide to the Reficule! I'll sharpen up the info with the next OFFICIAL release of Tale of Kingdoms.


The Reficule are from the darkness of the Nether, and have tunneled upwards into your lands. They bring fire and death with them, and an odd sorcery that is unmatched in this world. With bows and swords, they guard their tunnels, and it is up to you and your army to destroy them.


The Reficule Mages have an interestingly ferocious magic: they cover you in Netherrack and then light you on fire. They teleport, as all Reficule do, making it extremely difficult to kill it before it kills you. Mages have 10 hearts of health, and it is advised to take them down from a distance with a bow and arrow before advancing on the rest of the Reficule. This way, they cannot trap you in fire while the others beat you with swords and arrows.


Guardians are the archer Reficule holding bows. Obviously, their form of attack is ranged. Zigzagging around trees is the easiest way to keep them from hitting you, but they can easily follow you with their teleport ability. Close the distance with your sword and melee them, or continue attacking them from a distance with your bow. Reficule Guardians have 15 hearts of health, slightly more difficult than the Mages.


Soldiers are the toughest of the bunch, with a whopping 20 hearts of health. However, with the Mage and Guardians dead, killing the Soldiers is easier than one would imagine. There are usually two (or more!) in a pack, so be mindful of your surroundings while you fight. Their teleport ability works well to dodge your melee attacks, and if you attempt to snipe them with arrows from close-range, they teleport before you can even pull the bow back. Melee is definitely advised as the main close-range attack method, unless you're just going to stay up on that mountain and shoot them all down from afar.