2011-10-22 19.21.15

Here is the jolly farmer! If you right-click him shortly after he's given you bread (i.e. before one full Minecraft day has finished), this is what he'll say.

The farmer sits next to his crops just past the well, and every full Minecraft day or so, he'll give you a free piece of bread. He serves no other purpose than this, and it seems that the time between bread givings may vary. There is a small section of his farm (3x3) with farmland and water in the middle, where you can grow your own crops. He also won't mind if you harvest his wheat for him. Just make sure your hunter doesn't teleport into that area!

Sometimes the farmer won't give you bread for a long time, like seven full Minecraft days, for some reason.


  • The farmer has identical NPC model to the Innkeeper!


  • At the moment, you can exit the menu and ask for bread again, allowing you to get an unlimited amount of bread, as seen in the Minecraft Modded Survival: The Ultimate Adventure! series by YinTaiYang.
  • Related to the infinite bread glitch, you can sometimes wait a few seconds in the GUI and get another piece.  You can then get a stack of bread and sell it to the blacksmith for a good amount of gold.