Once you open up a new game you can start a new conquest or play regularly. If you start a new conquest the guild head quarters will be located very near to you. to find the guild master and start you path to kingship you must first

  • Head left of the entrance to the inn and follow the stairs upward
  • Turn around and take the stairs going up again at this point you will be in a Lobby area
  • Go to the other corner of the room across from your locating
  • Follow the stairs at the end of the hallway
  • Turn left and you should see two torches leading to a room the Guild master Start your contract and start your journey

Once you reach about halfway to your kingship the guild will be under attack. The guild master will come to your location to tell you of this news and bring you back.

After the enemies are delt with and the fire is gone you will be asked to bring 64 units of wood to the guild master (see glitch below) after this you will continue to gain honor on for your path to kingship. after your honor bar is full (you can check by talking to the guild leader) you should talk to the Builder City_Builder

after you have the builder following you, go far away from the guild in order to begin building your new kingdom (its recommended you do this in a somewhat flat area)

once conversation is made to have the city be built a basic city will be contructed with a labor area outside for cobblestone mining and wood cutting. you will need wooden planks and cobblestone to construct new building in your kingdom.

2012-06-23 02.01

Picture of complete 3rd tier kingdom

  • after the attack on the guild city the guild master will still follow you around while asking for 64 units of wood, to solve this exit to title and reload your save
  • another Glitch occuring after the attack is that you are unable to click on anything or place anything in certain areas in the city possible making it impossible to remove the fire, to solve this exit to the title and reload your game
  • While building something it will say "Loading, please wait" after awhile you should click exit as sometimes the screen stays like that indefinitely
  • selling cobblestone collected from the foreman will cause the game to lag and even possibly crash