Here are various ways of getting lots of Gold, ranging from easy to hard, and in each section, the approximate profit per hour. If it gives you XP as well, it will have a (X) after it.


Average $600-$1500 per hourEdit

  • This is one of the most basic ways of gaining profit. Slaying monsters will give you a decent amount of money if you're just starting. (X)
  • Selling flowers.

Average $3000-$6000 per hourEdit

  • This requires a desert biome. From that you probably will guess it. Sand! It sells for $10 in the market and sandstone is worth $40.

Average $20,000-$100,000 per hourEdit

  • This requires a lake of some sort. Yes, it includes bricks! If you're very, very lucky, you can find it in a desert biome or in beaches (but you wouldn't need to look for it in beaches anyway, because you're next to a sea or lake). Bricks are worth $800, surprisingly! Basically one clay block is 800 gold if you don't count the fuel used!


Average $20,000-$5,000,000 per hourEdit

  • Of course, here we get to the mob trap. A 16 by 16 spawning room with 16 floors will make you loads! But it's not like any normal spawning room, it has to have water at the bottom so they don't lose any health. Then take them up as high as you want, remembering to leave gaps so they can breathe, and bringing them down a 23 block drop so the mobs get half a heart left. Then you can just hit them with ease with a fist and getting XP at the same time! The only problem is it takes quite a while to build. (X)


Average $0-$12,000 per hourEdit

  • You can guess by the amount of money you get that you need some luck, and you do. This includes records! It would be a lot harder to find it in dungeons than having a skeleton to kill a creeper, so lurking underground is not really effective. You should know how to get a record.

Average $10,000,000-$999,999,999 per hourEdit

  • This will be considered as cheating to some people, but it's available in the game, but might be removed in a coming update. Basically, If throwing it doesn't work, go to your inventory and click it and right-click it in any space available. It should work! If it doesn't try it again. It doesn't always work the first time. Then sell your 20 stacks of diamond! (P.S. It's more efficient with diamond blocks instead of items, and it's much faster.)