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The smithery

The guild is created behind you when you spawn and accept the conquest invitation. Its upper part is mainly wood
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The Guild

but its lower part is mainly stone. There are several key buildings and rooms inside the guild. There are also important people, like quest givers, or the guild master. Inside of the guild there are 6 buildings. Each of these buildings (exept for the training arena) houses 1 or more usefull npcs. You will find guards patrolling around looking for monsters. If you are looking for a fight try fighting the guards. Be warned however, the guards strikes takes away 7 hearts per swing when you are unarmored! Also they take 5 hits from a diamond sword giving them 35 health points.

The first building you will notice is the main guild building. The guild contains an inn, a parlor, a library, the guild masters office, rooms, and is 3 stories tall. Inside the inn you can talk to the inkeeper to sleep and quickly make it night, or to sleep through the night to the morning. This feature is nice because it allowes players to wait untill night time when monsters spawn and kill them for gold and reputation. Inside of the parlor you will find 5 pumpkins, 4 melons, lit netherrack, 4 furnaces, 5 workbenches, a doublechest, and a store owner. A good way to earn some initial gold is to destroy the pumpkins and melons and then sell them to the owner of the parlor. The owner of the store sells every type of food there is, from rotten flesh to golden apples. The library contains 53 bookcases. Each room contains a chest and a bed. The guildmaster is located in the guidmasters office. Near him is a Jukebox, doublebed, and a doublechest. He is in charge of telling the guild builder when it is ok to create a city for the player. When kingship bar is full you will be able to build an awesome city.

The second building you will see is the farm. Talk to the farmer once a day for a free piece of bread. You can use the farm however you want to making the farm a quick way to get food. By using bonemeal and wheet seeds the cash per hour is approx 121542 gold. This is the fastest way of making money other then killing monsters, mining, or woodcutting. Next to the farm is a small dugout containing 4 doublechests for your storage.

The third building is the smithy which contains an anvil, forge, and a workbench. The shop owner sells all armor and weapons in the game, including some from allowed mods (Mo' Creatures, Millenaire...). You have the option to buy 16 of an item making it faster to buy wooden swords then give them to guards. You can sell almost every item here.

The fourth building is the training arena. There is not much here exept for a jack o lantern, a ladder, and the sand you stand in. There is currently no use in this building exept for filling space.

The fifth building is a large tower on the wall. The tower has 3 floors none of which serve any purpose yet. Monsters can spawn on the top and middle floor due to inadiquite lighting.