2011-12-11 11.28.45

A sword equipted hunter.

Hunters are mercenaries that you can purchase from a guild master for 1500 gold. You can return them to the guild master for 1000 gold. They act like a wolf and will teleport to you if you go to far from them. By right clicking you can change them between a sword and a bow. Their swords are currently better than diamond swords because of the ability to kill most mobs in 1 hit. When they are in bow form they can fire fully charged arrows 1.3x faster then a regular bow. While hunters are immune to your own attacks, they can hit you with arrows if you stand between them and a hostile mob, dealing significant damage. The pricing of the mercenaries is 134 gold more then a diamond sword. If you have an extra 134 gold a hunter will act as a better sword or bow then what is avalible to you. Hunters will not help in a fight against a guild member.