From the looks of things on the Tale of Kingdoms thread, many people are either absolutely clueless on how to install or they install it incorrectly. If you've never installed a mod to Minecraft before, there are many resources at the Minecraft Forums that you can skim through to learn the basics of mod installation. If you read thoroughly, you will soon get the hang of these VERY simple methods for installing your favorite mods. However, you must ALWAYS read the first post of any mod thread to learn precisely how the mod is installed. Many mods use very different methods, so make sure you know what is required before you go messing around with your .minecraft folder!

This installation guide is for WINDOWS USERS (Mac installation video will be linked to BELOW). IT is PURELY for Tale of Kingdoms, a mod for SURVIVAL SINGLE PLAYER Minecraft. This method may not (and in many cases, WILL not) work with any other mod. If you are using any other mods alongside Tale of Kingdoms, compatibility is NOT guaranteed. Tale of Kingdoms only works in Survival mode, not Creative mode. It is 1.8.1 COMPATIBLE, do NOT use with ANY other version!

Now that that's out of the way, let's begin!

  1. Open up your .minecraft folder. (Click the START menu and in the "search programs and files" search bar, type in %appdata% and press ENTER)
  2. If it doesn't exist already, create a New Folder inside the .minecraft folder and name it: Mods
  3. Go into the bin folder and open up your minecraft.jar file with 7-zip or WinRAR.
  4. Delete the META-INF folder within the .jar
  5. Go to Risugami's Mods HERE and download and SAVE Modloader. It is REQUIRED to run Tale of Kingdoms.
  6. After downloading the Modloader .zip file, open it up with 7-zip or WinRAR and select all the .class files.
  7. Now drag ALL files from Modloader into your minecraft.jar file. It will replace a bunch of .class files from the vanilla game. If it asks you to confirm add and replace, press OK.
  8. You now have Modloader installed on Minecraft! Huzzah! The hard part is over.
  9. Now, on to install Tale of Kingdoms.
  10. Download and SAVE the Tale of Kingdoms .zip file from the thread post HERE and copy it from wherever you saved it to the Mods folder in your .minecraft folder. DO NOT UNZIP the Tale of Kingdoms .zip file! Just plunk the .zip in the Mods folder and you're done!
  11. Close the 7-zip or WinRAR window containing your minecraft.jar file.
  12. Run Minecraft, and start a new world. Tale of Kingdoms will not do ANYTHING to your old save files. You MUST start a new world.
  13. Within 1-5 seconds of being inside your new world, a menu will pop up, asking you to start a new conquest.

If it doesn't pop up within 10 seconds, Tale of Kingdoms is not running correctly. Either you missed a step in this guide, or you are running a mod that conflicts with it! Troubleshoot on your own and do a bit of trial and error testing before posting in the forums!

For our friends with Macs, I'm sorry but I have absolutely no idea how those things work. Here is a decent installation video for Tale of Kingdoms from a Mac user. Apparently he tells you to delete META-INF as well, but I've heard that deletion of this folder can crash your game, and that Mac users don't need to delete it in order to run mods. I don't have a Mac to verify, so test it out for yourself!