A World Full of NPCs...

Tale of Kingdoms is especially unique because of the addition of numerous NPCs into a game that has been lonely for so long. The NPCs in this mod have many uses, and I will introduce you to them in this section, in order of appearance.

2011-10-22 18.51.51

These fellows run around the Guild grounds, protecting it from monsters and generally making things safe. They all have iron swords and attack hostile mobs. Some will wander around right outside the Guild entrance, and a few will stray a bit farther than that, but they're usually within sight from the entrance. You cannot interact with these guards by right clicking.

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This guy stands right inside the Inn, waiting for what seems to be forever while you accrue enough Honor to become a King! When that day finally comes, run straight to him and right click, at which point he will follow you around until you are many, many blocks away from the Guild and you find the optimum location for your new kingdom! Be careful though, and make sure he stays close by while you're exploring - he has a penchant for getting stuck behind or lost if you move too quickly. Right click him again to begin building the tier 1 kingdom, which will just be walls and grassy ground at first. In version 1.0.5, he has been coded to stay put inside these walls while you're out collecting the many, many wood (not planks!) and cobblestone blocks needed to create buildings.

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The House Keeper waits right inside the Inn, behind a counter made of wool. When you right click him, a menu pops up. The note at the bottom tells you that you can rest even during the day, but that you will wake up the NEXT Minecraft morning, skipping the night time entirely. The "Wait for night time" option is helpful when you're trying to grind hostile mobs for gold and Honor. The service is free and extremely helpful.

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The Guild Master can be found on the third floor of the Inn, inside a room across the hall from the stairs. When you right click him, you are given a menu that gives you the ability to sign or cancel a contract with the Guild, hire hunters, and shows you a progress bar for your Honor. You must sign a contract with the Guild in order to gain Honor. This should be the first thing you do. Hunters cost 1500 gold each, but we'll get to them in a moment. Come back to the Guild Master often to check on your Honor progress and to hire more hunters as you gain wealth.

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Hunters are essentially your personal bodyguards. They are much like wolves, in that they follow you around and will teleport to you if they straggle behind (or you go up a ladder or something). However, unlike wolves, they automatically attack hostile mobs, and if you right click them, you can toggle whether they use an iron sword or a bow. They cost 1500 gold each, which many feel is a bit expensive since they die fairly easily, but the creator of the mod, TyberAlyx has mentioned possibly making them stronger in later updates. Their appearance is only slightly different than that of the Guild guards.

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The farmer sits next to his crops just past the well, and every full Minecraft day or so, he'll give you a free piece of bread. He serves no other purpose than this, and it seems that the time between bread givings may vary.

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The blacksmith is one of only two NPCs in the Guild who will buy or sell items. By right clicking on him, you can open a menu where you can check which item you'd like to purchase, and then click "buy item." You may also press "sell item" which will open up a new GUI where you can drag whatever item you'd like to sell into the slot and he will give you its worth in gold. Before version 1.0.5, you could sell flowers for a decent amount of gold. V 1.0.5 brought a price fix for flowers, making them nearly worthless.

2011-10-22 21.14.15

Downstairs somewhere in the building, the chef stands beside several stoves. She sells raw and cooked food items for fair prices. There are a few pumpkins and melons you can steal from around here, if you're desperate, but it's hardly necessary. There is a chef/food merchant in tier 2 kingdoms as well, and she has her own building, covered in cake (see picture)!

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The general item shop keeper appears in the tier 1 kingdom. When you right click him, a menu opens to buy items, much like the blacksmith. He sells miscellaneous items such as buckets, bows and arrows, coal, doors, and minecarts. Beneath his shop is a blacksmith, who sells the same things as the blacksmith from the Guild.

2011-10-22 20.56.31

The only other addition in tier 1 that will buy or sell items. The stock market is very unique, as it gives you a glimpse into a small part of the working economy in the world. There are 8 commodities, whose prices fluctuate every time you open Minecraft. (It's speculated that in the future, the prices will change once every new Mincraft day, as well as changing upon initial start up.) The priciest of these commodities is the diamond, which at full price costs just under 500 gold pieces. Buy it while the red bar is very low, and you can save 100 gold! It's an amazing feature that will be further developed in the future, and one that players should definitely take advantage of.

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The block merchant is a wizened old fellow who sells nothing but blocks. No more block harvesting for you! He is available in tier 2 kingdoms and has about 4 or 5 stoves in his shop. In the attic of his shop, there is a lapus lazuli block, mossy cobblestone, wood, glowstone, and netherrack. There's also a nice balcony overlooking the kingdom!

2011-10-22 21.15.14

Within the barracks, a tier 2 building, you will find the Warden, a man who looks much like a royal knight. When you interact with him, a menu pops up, allowing you to recruit either a knight or an archer, and an option to recall all your men to this location. Recruits cost 1000 gold pieces each.

2011-10-22 22.26.46

Both knights and archers follow you around until you right click them, which tells them to guard the area they're in. They attack aggresive mobs and will "level up" after so many kills. When they level up, their skin changes. Most knights don't live long enough to level up, but archers reach the bandit phase easily since they're ranged. TyberAlyx has said that possibly in future updates, knights will be harder to kill, and nearly everyone is awaiting a way to heal them with food items (which hasn't been implemented, just speculated upon).