The Stock Market
Stock market
This is the market!



Wood blocks:


Cobblestone blocks:


The Stock Market is a Tier I Building in the Kingdom that players can buy items very often cheaper than any other shop, and the costs change every Minecraft day. It is also possible to sell items, but some times it does come with the buyer you are selling to iteam too. Its building cost is 192 wood and 192 cobblestone.

{CHEAT} --To get the stocks to change quicker than 1 minecraft day--(may be considered a spoiler)

Go far enough away so that the Stock market chunk is not loaded (tip: turn render distance to tiny), "save and quit" and re-enter the world. When you come back to the Market, the first or second time you look at the stocks they will change.

--Trick--for getting quick money-- (note: the mod will be fun for longer if you're not filthy rich)

The Stock Market sells clay for a cheap price: ~4-6 coins. If you make these into brick blocks, they will sell for 800 ea.!!! The cost for 2 blocks is ~67 coins (27 for coal heats 8 clay worth 5 each) and you can sell it for 1600! The Furnaces from the block shop cost 18 each. If you don't have a block shop I would reccomend taking a stack of 64 cobblestone from the "Cobblestone Collection Center" and making 8 furnaces. Enjoy!