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The Cobblestone Collection Center(edit) and Mine

The Stone Quarry is included with the tier I city. There is an attached mine (left in picture) that features a rail system that goes into the building. The fence around it is not complete in the back (the picture has it filled in). The mine is also where the hired workers mine.

The workers can be hired for 1500 coins and there is a limit of 10 workers.

{CHEAT} --to get The Stone Quarry to give cobblestone faster-- (this may be considered a spoiler)

If the status bar of the cobblestone aquired is less than 64 stone, log out, come back in, and the 2nd to 3rd time one checks the status bar (or "asks" the man) the bar will be filled in to 64. This is not because the workers aquired it at that rate. note: I had maximum capacity of workers, may or may not work with less workers.