Tips for fast money

1. When you want money without endangering your life at night killing monsters, here are some things that you can sell to the blacksmith that you can just take from the guild:

Stone Bricks

You can mine them from the walls of the guild building and there's a crapload of them. Rack up the money to but a pickaxe(wooden is fine) and begin to mine them. They sell for 40 apiece and they are easy to get.

Moss Stone

I'm pretty sure that you might be wondering where to get these, but in the training field, along the walls of that, there is moss stone. Get enough money to buy a pickaxe(again, wooden is fine), and mine the moss stone. There's only about 20 or so, but they sell for 100 apiece, so 2000 can be earned in hardly any time at all.


You can get books by destroying bookshelves. Books sell for about 40-60 apiece, but a bookshelf gives you 3 of them, so destroying about ten of them will give you at least 500 gold. You can destroy bookshelves with your hand.

2.Stuff That Sells For Alot

Cookies-if there is a jungle biome near the guild you're in, BOY OH BOY YOU ARE LUCKY! Gather a few caoco beans from the trees, and go back to the guild. Then gather the wheat that is next to the farmer.(don't gather all of it if you have fewer than 3 beans). Craft a crafting table and place it. Then, make cookies. (The repice for it is one wheat in the left, the one bean in the middle, the one wheat in the right.) This will give you 8 cookies. They sell for 100 apiece, so one batch of cookies will give you 800 GOLD! If you ever run out of wheat, just use bonemeal on planted seeds and make cookies again.