Hello, whoever is reading this. I'd like to thank you in advance for looking onto this article.I believe I had installed this mod correctly, yet it does not give me the "Start a Conquest!" Option. I restarted my .minecraft folder. Deleted, then started up to 1.0.0. I then looked into the minecraft.jar, and remove the META-INF folder. I installed, and reinstalled, the newest Modloader, and dragged/dropped everything into the minecraft.jar folder (Not BIN). After that, I closed the minecraft.jar folder, and backed into the full .minecraft folder. I then installed and reinstalled the TaleOfKingdoms 1.3.0 Pre2 file, and created a mod folder in my .minecraft folder. I dragged the TaleOfKingdoms 1.3.0 Pre2 file into the .minecraft/mods/ folder, and closed it all out. I started up minecraft, and everything ran smoothly. No delays, no blackscreens, perfect start up. I created a new world, default texture pack, like I said, nothing on the file. I spawned in, and looked around. Forest biome, nothing in sight, no pop-ups. I then closed out minecraft and tried again. Nothing. Could I get some help on this? I looked into the FAQ, saw someone else had this problem, but I believe I installed this perfectly, after watching and following the tutorial twice, and double-checking. Thanks!