Tale of Kingdoms: Version History and Change Log

-Ver 1.1.2 -Fixed guild fix option problem(not getting wood). Fixed Woodcutters not cutting wood. Fixed Reficule not Freezed in Peaceful. Fixed Missplaced text in new game screen. Fixed Stuck in Tier 1 because of well. Reduced lag in shop menu. Increased Range of miners. Made workers work much faster. Added Mo's Creeps and Weirdos and ExtendCraft Support thanks Cowsgomoo,zezzame for that one.

- Ver 1.1.1, increased the range of the miners just a bit. I made the woodcutters cut the trees faster. The reficule hole near the spawn won't show anymore. Added mo's creatures and pam's mod support. Reficule holes won't spawn in other worlds anymore. Reficule holes spawn much less now. Added guild fix option. Transferred bow and arrow to blacksmith.

- Ver 1.1.0, added Guild quests/task, villager actions, the reficules. Lots of bugfixes.

- Ver 1.0.5, Bugfixes. Builder is now frozen in the kingdom. The game saves every 10 mins. Flower price fix. Reduced price of hunter. Increased price of every item.

- Ver 1.0.3, Guild Members now auto kill creepers when they are bounded by its proximity. Guild members now jump but not as often as regular mobs.