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You get a Worker if you right-click on a Civilian (it has to be from your Kingdom) with a pickaxe in your hand, and then again with an axe in your hand (it doesn't matter what order you do them in, you just have to give them both). If after that you right-click on him again, there will be a menu with 'Mining', 'Woodcutting' and 'Cancel'. Click on Mining or Woodcutting, and the corresponding tool will appear in his hand. If you want to choose the other one, just left-click on him again and the same menu will appear. You can't directly damage him by hitting him. Firing arrows do not harm them, it simply brings up the menu from a distance.


If you right-click on a miner above ground until about 10 blocks below ground, he will remark 'We need to go further down, sir!' If you dig deep enough, he will say 'Mining the stone, sir!' and create a small workspace with a torch and a workbench. This often glitches and it can be used for torch farming, interestingly. It also can help to find caverns. Oftentimes, as well, he gets stuck behind the workbench and appear to keep hitting his head on the wooden planks above. That is probably a bug, but destroy the workbench and replace it and he should be fine. If he's working correctly, he should look like he's 'Mining the stone!'
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They automatically make these 'workspaces' if you tell them to mine.

If he's working correctly, wherever you go, you should get one piece of cobblestone approximately every 8-10 seconds. Most people think this is useless, but if you set several to work you can get a large supply of cobblestone while doing something else. Don't move too far away though.


The workers' Woodcutting skills are less buggy than their Mining skills. If you (not the worker, your player) are about maximum 4 to 5 blocks away from the wood of the tree (it has to be the wood, not the leaves), he will say 'Chopping the tree, sir!' and a 6x6x6 spaces of leaves will be cleared out from every tree in the area. It will look very messy. Also, he will give you about double the amount of wood that he cuts. Don't use him for tall trees, as he will only take out the bottom part and leave the top looking funny, since the worker can't reach that high. It's much easier to cut those trees (6 wood blocks or higher) by yourself. If you are looking for quick wood, you can create your own trees by stacking the wood up high, and then ask the worker to chop it for you, doubling the wood you used to create the 'tree', although if you have enough money and have a complete Tier II/Tier III Kingdom, you can just buy wood from the blocks shop without having to waste much time.
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When you ask a worker to cut a tree that's very near another tree, all the leaves will disappear, and it will look like a plain wooden tower made by Herobrine! Also, the guy in the black suit is a bandit, leveled up from archers.


  • If you go too far away from the Workers, they won't teleport or follow you, so make sure you stay close. You can't recall them like the Warriors and the Archers. You can lose them easily.
  • If you make a female-appearing Civilian a Worker, she will become a male-looking worker as seen in the picture.
  • If you bring a Woodcutter to a birch (white) or pine or spruce (dark brown) tree and ask him to cut it down, when you receive the wood, it will 'magically' turn into regular old oak (medium brown) wood!